Wordle 222 3/6


When people owning bots trying to ruin your social network

KitchenAid Releases New 80-Pound, Stainless Steel Block For Taking Up Counter Space bit.ly/3HvPURk

"cure is simple," says the doctor. "go to the desert. see a statue of Ozymandias, King of Kings. look upon his Works, ye Mighty, and Despair. that should cheer you up."

"but doctor!" cried the shattered visage with sneer of cold command, half-sunk in the sand near vast and trunkless legs of stone,

Yesterday I bought crypto for the first time and sold it for a $3.99 profit. However, I will not let this sudden wealth corrupt me.

People on the birdsite are gushing with praise for Richard Branson and his "historic" space flight and all I can think is: We sent people to space in the 20th century, using technology far more primitive than today's. What's historic about this?

If only there was some sort of vehicle that was designed for long objects so you wouldn’t have to stick them out your back window.

I picked up an unwanted passenger on the way to the store, who rode with me all the way to my destination, after which I shooed it away.

Some evenings Teddy my cat and Ani my rabbit will share a moment together. Ani loves being groomed.

My rabbit Ani doing a happy-flop in her favorite corner. πŸ°β†©οΈπŸ’€

If tear gas and beatings aren't deterrent enough, cops can make protesting really expensive. Message: stay home and shut up, ya hippies.


@stux I just supported the server on Patreon! Thanks for setting up this space!

Brand new t-shirt reads "My coworker is very needy." Apparently *my* coworker needed to claw it right away.

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