I appear to be having login issues trying to follow some people. Are and different services? *sigh*

@mattwilcox Yes. Think of it like email. You can't log in on your Gmail with your Outlook email credentials. But you can email others across email servers.

You can always migrate to another mastodon instance (server) and bring your followers along

@binarytango cheers. I’d have kept my other account on but it’s not letting me set a new password. Shall abandon that one and stay here. And then read up on what “moving” around means. I’m old school centralised network mindset!

@mattwilcox I think there is a mass exodus from Twitter right now that's crashing

@chocl8girl yeah makes sense. I’ll try sorting out accounts when things have smoothed out. Feel bad for the mastodon devs and trying to scale. Who remembers the Twitter fail whale? Lol!

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