Ok, so I think reducing carbs and increasing veg really is helping to clear my head of sleepiness and brain fog.

Still amazes me how much diet effects my mood and mental capabilities. And how it took this long to properly notice.

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Mastodon DMs (Direct Messages) are not stored in a end-to-end encrypted fashion so if you need to have a conversation where you need to ensure a higher level of security, please move the conversation to an actual end-to-end messaging system like Signal.

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Warp.dev is great except they think the focus is collaborative cloud and teams. I don’t want that at all from a terminal. I also hate the need to log in to use the app. I don’t trust it, or future Warp owners. Promises to be ethical are broken all the time. Especially when VC funding is taken. VCs exist to make bank; they have no morals. They *will* mine you for money. When I see a VC get involved with something I like, it’s a gut punch poison. Why I moved off Astro too. I don’t trust the future of projects that get VC involved.

Time to read up on exactly how Mastodon works. I can see there being a need for payment of server hosting given the scale of new users at the moment. I wonder if you can self host your own “bits” etc

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Hi! mastodon.social is being slow right now, as far as I can tell because there's twice as many people using it at the same time as ever have; I'm working on making it go fast again, but in the meantime, do remember to invite people to joinmastodon.org instead of directly to mastodon.social. People don't have to be on the same server to follow you! Thanks!

Hmmm. Unable to reset my old mastodon.social password as it says there’s an error setting the new password. I remember why I kinda bounced off Mastodon last time around…

I appear to be having login issues trying to follow some people. Are mastodon.social and mstdn.social different services? *sigh*

Looks like my old mastodon account died along with Tootdon. This is my new one. Hello other people life boating from Twitter.

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