@ryan I've been wondering the same thing. Ever find anything?

Winter workstation setup. The camper and garage were getting cold.

@kev There's also the argument that when people are choosing an instance they are trying to find one that will most likely stay around. Something run by the founder of Mastodon has a good chance of staying around. Like email I think the more important thing is that the little instances are on a even playing field with the big instances.

I wrote an article on how to implement a completely client-side search feature on a #Hugo-generated static website. There are bits and pieces of this info floating around but AFAIK no really complete writeups. #lunr #lunrjs


@thumb You can do a link to about:reader?url=simbly.me/test-driving-algo for firefox I think. Only works in FF though, no chrome or safari.

@snder@quey.org Hi I was just trying to upload my instagram export to pixfed.com and I get an nginx request entity too large error. Think you may need to increase the client_max_body_size?

I feel so sorry for what happened to Keivan and AppGet: keivan.io/the-day-appget-died/

His tool got squashed by Microsoft. Microsoft does not love open source, it wants to own it.

My thoughts:

@dansup Ok cool, makes sense. Haven't tested it yet. Do you get to choose your 100 or is it the 100 latest or something like that?

@dansup what happens on a pixelfed instance when you run out of storage? I'm currently on pixfed.com's instance that has a 1GB allotment. My instagram export I think may be larger than that.

Interesting: When you download your Instagram data it has all of your stories in it. In the UI they disappear but facebook is still keeping track.

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