I wrote an article on how to implement a completely client-side search feature on a #Hugo-generated static website. There are bits and pieces of this info floating around but AFAIK no really complete writeups. #lunr #lunrjs


@snder Hi I was just trying to upload my instagram export to pixfed.com and I get an nginx request entity too large error. Think you may need to increase the client_max_body_size?

I feel so sorry for what happened to Keivan and AppGet: keivan.io/the-day-appget-died/

His tool got squashed by Microsoft. Microsoft does not love open source, it wants to own it.

My thoughts:

@dansup what happens on a pixelfed instance when you run out of storage? I'm currently on pixfed.com's instance that has a 1GB allotment. My instagram export I think may be larger than that.

Interesting: When you download your Instagram data it has all of your stories in it. In the UI they disappear but facebook is still keeping track.

@Qwertii are you still working on pikatrack? It appears that pikatrack.com/ is down... maybe a lot of traffic with stravas announcement?

Getting reports from people in Indonesia that they're unable to access Write.as... Things look fine from where we are, but they're getting this error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Anyone have experience verifying if this is indeed censorship happening, and if so, working around it? Retoots appreciated!

Hello there!

I took some time to make a quick video of our upcoming Pixelfed Android client, we will make an alpha release soon ™️


You can of course already go take a look at the source code and compile it for yourself, for now hosted on GitHub but that will change soon: github.com/H-PixelDroid/PixelD

Still a lot of work to be done, but it's slowly getting there :)

#pixelfed #foss

Playing around with alternative social networks. Mastodon feels as snappy as twitter was before it got all bloated.

How can bluetooth be simultaneously so bad and so good? It's a ubiquitous standard that works most of time... or else fails in explainable ways.

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