"The interview was a disaster, a case study in why Donald Trump is not and cannot be the person to handle this moment in time."

"The only world in which police using chokeholds could sound “innocent” or “perfect” is a world in which you don’t think about what happens to people when they’re literally being choked — or one where you assume that it won’t happen to people like you."



@InternetKevin @IronMan just the idea that we even have to "debate" this in 2020 is ridiculous..
from outsider point of view, US is quickly degenerating and the GOP/DEM are not up to the challenge.


There are people busting their asses day in and out for years here.

We're up to the challenge, OK?


@IronMan @InternetKevin I agree people are up to the challenge, I'm just not so sure about elected leaders, inside all the institutional apparatus. I know people will ultimately win over all this, but between now and November, lots of things can happen. including Trump using Mil against own people (already did in many ways)

@rick Trump learned the limits of how far the military will go along with him over that, and lost respect amongst many in the U.S. military. Similarly he pretended to be supreme ruler over states reopening, but then had to back down quickly @IronMan

@InternetKevin @IronMan YUp I saw it happening from my remote observatory in Brussels, but I'm afraid this is far from over.
And if it's not Trump doing the batshit crazy stuff it will be some far-right militias with military grade weapons doing some shit that will inflame the nation even more. Not convinced US people have the situation under any control or advantage.

@rick We are working hard to overcome the electoral college disadvantage, voter suppression, rural (Republican) states having more power in the senate, and Republican gerrymandering. We will hold the House, winning the presidency looks very good, and we are positioned decently to take back the Senate. None of that is an accident. It's hard work by people on the ground. In addition, we have capable Democratic elected officials, whom we put in office.
@InternetKevin @IronMan

@rick I'm sure it does look bad from across the ocean. I spent time in Europe during the Clinton, GWB, and Obama administrations. I wasn't a tourist. There was always a noticeable relief when I told people I voted for Obama. (No one ever asked if I voted for Clinton or Bush père). You do get very different news, though, so I'm not surprised you don't know everything. As we do about Europe. I have to watch/read European sources to keep up. I don't get much here otherwise. @InternetKevin @IronMan

I know it's hard to judge from my writing or what you may find about me online, but I'm a news junkie, I have been following US/EU politics, geopolitics, protests and talk shows since decades now.
It's absolutely not new to me that the blue wave is getting organized & working hard.
But I have a glimpse into the red swarm, and I'm afraid it won't be enough. Just the Vote by mail @InternetKevin @IronMan - 1/2

thing could be used by Trump. Or the pandemic, to postpone election. Like I said,
I'm worried, really worried.
@InternetKevin @IronMan @mariahill - 2/2

@rick It's hard to tell what people have been doing for decades from what they can fit into 500 characters. Hopefully it reassures you to know that constitutionally the election cannot be postponed as the primaries were. It must take place on November 3. Of course Trump is a blustering opportunist, wannabe dictator and will try to stay in power no matter what. We will stop that. @InternetKevin @IronMan

Well, allow me to doubt, not for the sake of arguing or much less trolling you or anyone else here. But if Trump, the GOP had any hint of respect for the Constitution, something like Trump would not have been possible in the first place. Hence, I fear Trump will wipe his *** with the Constitution = he will use anything and everything to delay, postpone or even worst any election that can undermine his rule. Those are not "normal" campaign circumstances;
@InternetKevin @IronMan

@rick It's not that the Republicans don't use every possible trick. However, our federal system means the states run the elections. Trump cannot stop my Democratic state from holding the election. Governors of northeastern, mid-Atlantic, and western states formed confederations when the federal government wouldn't act on coronavirus. States have separate powers too. @InternetKevin @IronMan

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True, something that wasn't on my mind honestly, powerful if fully used, akin to strengthening the security of a system, the postal system supporting this, the actual infrastructure, the participants etc..it should all be secured, monitored, before this whole thing starts, I hope it is/will be :)
@InternetKevin @IronMan

@rick There are a lot of things about our system that ended up being a failure, the electoral college being the worst. Parliamentary systems aren't perfect but I think they are better than the two-party one we have. The 10th Amendment (devolving power to the states) is helping us now, at least those of us in states with Democratic governors or the very few sane moderate Republican ones in states with Democratic-controlled legislatures. @InternetKevin @IronMan

@rick Similarly, states approved marriage equality one by one before the federal government did. In some cases by the courts, in others by referendum. In the more liberal states, people could marry as early as 2003, on pace with European countries changing their laws. In large swaths of the country, couples were out of luck until 2015. Now Trump would like to move us backward. East & west coasts & at least Illinois won't go back. @InternetKevin @IronMan

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