This is an example of why prosecutors can also be part of the problem in cases of officer brutality and lethal force. I think they should also be held accountable for their role in maintaining injustice.

@ChloeResists Teenager running away from him, shot in the back. How is someone running away from you a deadly threat?

Gun culture is out of control. If your only tool is a hammer, everything is a nail.


Completely agree. The disregard for life is disturbing. It seems some feel entirely justified in killing someone even if they are fleeing.

@ChloeResists @mariahill I feel it's not even justification, it's rather them actively looking for an excuse to use guns. Which only makes sense because if you have a new toy you'd want to use it. We allowed deadly weapons to become toys.

@isagalaev @mariahill

This is true. I live by myself and I have family completely perplexed as to why I refuse to have a gun in the house to "protect" myself with. I would feel LESS safe with that around me, not more.

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