Honestly, only the Left had problems with Pakistan as far as its systems were concerned. The binary-buddhis of the Right were always envious of Pakistan. They always wanted to be Pakistan. And that is what we are seeing right now. The first step of their plan to become Pakistan.

They never cared about institutions, not about social equality. They are happy to reap the benefits and the bragging rights. But what the Right has always sought is a rather (chef's kiss) Pakistan-like quality. This is that happening at last.

So the Left emphasised how India was different from India, and though the Right seemed to agree, what it really had its eyes on was how to reduce that difference to zero. They really love the Pakistani way you see.

They think the Pakistani way is underappreciated. They think the reason it didn't work is because of the failings of Muslims. If only Hindus could take a go at this golden system, it will be the best thing ever. Hindus will do it right, you'll see. Hindus rock.

This Hindu Hubris will cause history to repeat itself, surrounded as we are, by insurmountable natural and developmental issues that we are turning blind eyes to. Hindutva / Hinduism aren't magic pills that can turn waste to gold. We close our eyes to this at our own cost.



Pakistan was formed by using religion as a basis for religion
Bangladesh split from Pakistan in 25 years

Hitler moulded Germany as an Aryan nation. He was defeated & dead in 15 years

If indian voter keeps voting back Modi/rss what will happen by 2040

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