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Drugs/Tips I am aware of, for

Pulse Oximeter to check O2 level
Consult doctor if SPO2 < 95%
Dipyridamole if O2 level is low & lie in prone position

Famotidine for gas/bowel problems (& anti-histamine)

To boost immunity:
Vitamins A,B,C,D

Losartan - BP (& ACE2 blocker)
Statins - cardio protection

Finasteride/Dutasteride/Bicalutamide/Degarelix - male pattern baldness (& Androgen Deprivation Therapy)

Favipiravir @stux

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Great winter foods

1. Crab soup
2. Prawn biryani
3. Beef cutlet

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What I like about

1. Chronological timelines
2. No periodic auto-refresh of timeline
3. 500 char limit
4. Delete-n-reDraft
5. Quality over Quantity
6. I was not viral on Twitter anyways

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Selfishness may be essential to civilization,

but that only raises the question of
whether a civilization so out of step with our evolved nature
makes sense for the human beings within it.

“Given how much is to be gained through generosity,
social scientists increasingly wonder less about why people are ever generous

and instead ask why they are even selfish.”

Take your mind back to the 1990s & early 2000s by listening to this collection of songs !!

(You may need an amazon prime India subscription to listen to this)

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Idol of Sai Baba removed from hindu temple by fanatics !!
Devotees despair...

Such attempts to cast a spiritual leader like Sai Baba with ambivalent origins into a singular identity is
“something that comes with a state that has been obsessed with enumeration & categories of identity"

@5minsaloneok @rohanv @sanjayuvacha @Universityofhumanity @noorulad

In response to this thread someone has DM'd me asking for a therapist rec for a 39 year old woman. Anyone have a contact they can share?

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Omair Ahmad ( ) Tweeted:

In a Republic of hate, if love is not jihad, what else would it be?

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Delhi Govt issues final notice to the BJP ruled three MCDs for the non payment of salaries to hospital staff.

If MCDs fail to pay salaries, they should handover their hospitals to Delhi Govt.


Here's how the Modi government deals with democratic dissent.


A silent crackdown has been sweeping through India's capital.

Such is the fear that few are willing to speak about it.



Siddhartha Vaidyanathan ( ) Tweeted:

Fine piece. And thanks to this piece, I read a very fine book that is referenced in here.

Pradeep Magazine ( Tweeted:

Brilliant piece on India seen through Orwell's eyes by Ajaz Ashraf.

"Accuse, accuse,accuse the innocent"

Marry a person who says, "Sure" when you ask if you can foster a kitten that's taken your fancy.
But also marry a person who says, "We are not keeping it" when you wonder out loud about it because you know that three big fat cats is enough, really.

Of 108,025 reported kidnappings last year, 84,921 were women - 55,370 being young girls and children.

And the state holds an unbeatable record by laying claim to 14.7 per cent of all crimes against women.

Bisht's UP 👹

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Oh! It looks like my twitter account was restricted due to tweeting corona virus related stuff !!

Did the chinese govt complain 🤔

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Abdi Ilahi says there’s another thing that Indians care more about than religion

“Muslim or no Muslim, the first question they ask you is:

‘You had food?’
‘Did you take your breakfast?’"

"I’ve seen a lot of countries but it’s not the same elsewhere."

Tweet from

After his ordeal, it wouldn’t be surprising if Abdi Ilahi felt only anger and loathing. But he also encountered another India.

~Priya Ramani

@Universityofhumanity @sanjayuvacha

@spinny drugs such as & used in the treatment of Gout are being re-purposed for

A large, Canada led, multi-country trial is ongoing currently

Also trial going on in Argentina

Not aware of any trials for Indomethacin to treat but it has been used to treat infections in dogs

Lets see if any of these prove to be useful in treating

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