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Great winter foods

1. Crab soup
2. Prawn biryani
3. Beef cutlet

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What I like about

1. Chronological timelines
2. No periodic auto-refresh of timeline
3. 500 char limit
4. Delete-n-reDraft
5. Quality over Quantity
6. I was not viral on Twitter anyways

cc @stux @Gargron @noorul

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Classic malayalam movie, brings back great memories, even though I watched only the Tamil remake !!!

Monday Malayalam:
Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu —
The Safety of Denial
from dontcallitbollywood

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Selfishness may be essential to civilization,

but that only raises the question of
whether a civilization so out of step with our evolved nature
makes sense for the human beings within it.

“Given how much is to be gained through generosity,
social scientists increasingly wonder less about why people are ever generous

and instead ask why they are even selfish.”

10,000 people charged with sedition in one Jharkhand district.


For what? For carving provisions of the Indian Constitution into stone slabs that were erected in villages. Yes, the police thinks the Indian Constitution is seditious.

Don't cross post to Twitter and make us go there to see your tweets. Why not make your Toot your main post?

Hayat Bakshi Begum, mother of the Qutab Sahi ruler of Golconda, negotiated a true with Aurangzeb, Viceroy of Deccan, and convinced him to return to Agra without annexing the kingdom.
When he became Emperor, Aurangzeb returned to conquer Golconda. During the long months of the siege, he built his masjid at the foot of Ma Sahaba's tomb.
There were adversaries, but adversaries can respect each other.
This is Ma Sahaba's tomb. To the left is Aurangzeb's masjid

So I have a genuine question for everyone here. Given the government's announcement that a nationwide NRC will be carried out, can you think of a way to organise a civil disobedience movement by resisting the NRC?

Interesting look by at how Modi and Shah are managing to preside over the worst backward slide in recent Indian history at a minimal (so far) political cost.

Can't help but live with this dread of "When will they come for us?", because after they've crushed their 'traditional' enemies (read minorities), they will go after those who are their harshest critics

Luxembourg Becomes First Country to Make All Public Transit Free

Asia’s Largest Animal Fair Reels Under Agrarian Distress

Its earlier rural ambience has been lost and it is now a platform to propagate government schemes

My report..

@sanjayuvacha @jamewils

Tooters, we are not engaging enough here. People just keep referencing twitter, without original stuff. Come on, let's work at it!

Exclusive: Under RTI Act, RBI Finally Discloses Details of Major Wilful Defaulters  

Total funded advances outstanding to 30 wilful defaulters – along with the amount the banks have written off so far – adds up to over Rs 50,000 crore as on 30/4/2019.


Divide, divert, disorient. This is the Modi-Shah formula for perpetuating their rule. Never mind the economy or people’s basic needs, the most important thing is to send India down the rabbit hole of hunting for “illegal immigrants”. via



Mughals Contribution -
1)Beautiful Architecture
2) Delicious Food
3)Urdu Language
4)Persian Art and Culture
5)25%Share In World Economy
6)Deligated Government With Respect to Human Rights
7)Religious Tolerance
8)Centralised Government And many More.
#ThanksMughals ❤️


“Shah” wants an NRC. Sure, let’s have one. Why don’t we go as back in time as we can, which is possible with modern science, checking everybody’s DNA and then chuck out those who came from Central Asia to begin with? Aryans, beware, you are the youngest occupants of India! Also “foreign” surnames such as Shah (Persian) what should one do with it? It is idiotic to put the most diverse nation on earth through this—power and madness can live together, but madness and intelligence can’t.

This is how much the Centre owes the states, re: GST compensation.

" Rajasthan’s outstanding compensation dues stand at Rs 4,400 crore, while Punjab’s is Rs 2,100 crore, Delhi’s Rs 2,355 crore, Kerala’s Rs 1,600 crore and West Bengal’s is Rs 1,500 crore."

captured wild Elephant ‘Arisi Raja’ begins accepting hand-fed food

The elephant got the name “Arisi Raja” (rice king) for its habit of stealing rice from houses and shops, before it was captured.

the elephant, aged around 20, started accepting hand-fed food from the fifth day in the kraal (wooden enclosure) at Varagaliar near Topslip, Tamil Nadu in south India

@stux @Gargron @noorul

Tweet from Aruna Urs ( ) :

The ruling party will know who bought electoral bonds to fund the opposition.

Ha! In Shanti Parva, Yudhistira asks Bhishma whether a king should deploy spies.

The old sage on death bed says for spies should be placed upon king's own sons, friends and advisers.

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