Anything happen in the United States when I was gone? 😜

The GOP may graciously approve a $600 stimulus check? dont insult us. They can shove it up their ass. 17.4 Million people in the US have coronavirus. 313 thousand Americans are dead from it.

Yet the GOP watched them die and laughed about it. Every American shouldve recieved a monthly 4 Thousand Dollar check during this pandemic.

Thousands dying. Thousands stealing bread to survive. While the rich dance and drink highballs.

I'm betting on the Scientist. I believe they share valuable info regarding how bad the Coronavirus is

Show thread WordPress info updates, I'm a guilty wordpress user, But I write JS too when I want a nervous breakdown:)

My stomach growled for a sec and sounded like 'The Grudge', dude, is this my 2020 'cause it sux

Im a wreck. Last 4 years felt like i was in a falling airplane, and this election feels like I fell into a pool of mermaids.

Stay mellow. Keep that peace of mind, when you find it. And love yourself, thats the toughest part.

If the USA saw what the USA does to the USA the USA would have invaded the USA to free the USA from the USA. BTW, CRACK IS LEGAL IN OREGON.

Coffee or....

Using violence against Fascists, isn't violence. It is PEACE.
Biden - Harris 2020 // Whatever it Takes: An Avengers Endgame Style Trailer

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