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Hi! I'm Heather. :blobcatcoffee:

Here's an to the person behind the account.

▪️​ I am an . Grew up in the evangelical christian movement and I'm still unlearning toxicity from my upbringing. I occasionally talk about my experiences.
▪️​ I am and .
▪️​ I am a , not a liberal.
▪️​ I literally grew up with my husband. We've been in a relationship since we were 16, which is more than half our lives now.
▪️​ My husband and I are the caretakers of four incredibly spicy . Every day is a new adventure with them in my life! In order of age, they are Illidan (Illy), Jaina, Samara, and Claire.
▪️​ , , , , and are my biggest gaming fandoms.
▪️​ Star Wars is my jam! (Obviously, haha.)

Back from vacation!

It was a wonderful time. My family listened to me when it came to eateries and very much enjoyed the choices. Yay!

My husband paid for Mom, my sister, and I to be able to interact with penguins at Sea World for my sister's birthday, but that ended up canceled. With the refund, the whole family was able to take a haunted history tour. THAT was an excellent experience and makes me want to take more ghost tours in the future!

Sea World had a global food festival (think WDW's "Food and Wine" event), and J got a 10 course pass for us to all share.

Hawai'i: poke bowl, coconut sorbet, piña colada sorbet

Japan: sticky ribs, matcha green tea ice cream x2, tuna tataki

Jamaica: [Alcoholic beverages] Honey Bee Hurricane* and Caribbean Rum Runner**

* Sailor Jerry spiced rum, passion fruit puree, hibiscus syrup, lemon juice and club soda

** Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Malibu coconut rum, blackberry brandy, banana liqueur, orange and pineapple juice

Italy: tiramisu gelato

Silly, Sith-y eyeshadow for the holiday. 


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A daily reminder that when someone says they don't like politics in video games, they almost certainly mean politics that they don't agree with.

May the 4th be with you, bitches!

Here's some relevant Mando'a for the absolute clusterfuck that is US politics: Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur.

"Today's a good day for somebody else to die"


My family is very into "tourist traps", so I asked on the Bird Site for restaurant recommendations. There's a place that only sells tamales; I want to stop there before we head back home and get several dozen to freeze.

(They ship frozen tamales across North America:

Pre-COVID, I went to Galveston with the family. My sister chose for us to eat at Bubba Gumps, which was the shittiest sea food experience of my life.

No, no, let me help! :blobcatlaugh:

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We're taking a long weekend staycation for my sister's birthday (5/8), so I'm currently plotting. There's a Lego shop in the mall she wants to visit... :100_valid:

I haven't been away from Claire cat for more than a day since I adopted her in 2020. I wonder if she'll even notice we're gone. 🤭​ Dad's staying behind to tend the herd at our house, and our brother is watching her animals.

I had the spoons to put a little make up on today. 

My skin is in bad-ish condition because I haven't gave a shit about keeping up with a skin care routine.

I saw a Jeep that had a bobblehead Vault Boy on its dash.


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hello pals! i'm very short on bills money right now so if anyone would like a $2 (£1.50) pet scribble, please fling photos of ur pets at me!! 💚 for payment
(donations also incredibly appreciated <3)

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so back about 7 years ago there was a website called . I loved it so much. Once a week you posted 'your jam' and then other people you followed did the same. One jam per week only. My Sundays used to be filled with catching up on everyone's jams. The classical guy, the jazz guy, the punk girl, etc. So many great tracks. It would be cool to get the same going here. So I'm going to pin my jam each week and use the hashtag #myjam.

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Friends... I really hate the word bespoke. I am sure it was probably a fine word at one point but it has become the harbinger of pretentious nonsense.

Apparently, it's National Boba Tea Day in the US today (4/30). That's a holiday worth celebrating!

Aw heck, I stink at hashtagging. :blobcatlaugh:

I've been spending time answering newbie questions in Tython's general chat, who AM I?

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Started a Dark Side Jedi Knight, Winter Sage.

Thought I had a decent screen shot of her until I noticed the Jedi in the background putting themself in time out.

Now it's a GREAT screen shot. @SWTOR

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