does anyone know why my cat never needs his hair cut but my dog does? I need to know.

@mand0linn this is just a theory/half memory...but I am pretty sure cats and some dogs have hair/fur that reaches like a “terminal length” like how ur body hair only grows to a certain length? But maybe that doesn’t apply to all dogs? 😂

@exojelly Abbey I am so glad you are here answering The Real Questions 😂

@mand0linn hehehe I’m already obsessed with this site I love it. If anyone knows the real science behind the cats and dogs haircut I too want to know!!

@mand0linn I don't think there are any cats that keep their hair growing forever like poodles! And!!! Cats are very hygienic and spend a lot of time grooming themselves, so they get more hairballs than matted fur.

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