as promised, here's a reading list in the broad category of critical constitutional law.

this one is on constitutional argument - which are taught to us as modalities for establishing the truth of a constitutional proposition. this gels well with a judicial supremacy-lens of constitutionalism.

this reading list explores constitutional argument as geared to meaning-making and persuasion. this mode of constitutional argument would be apt for a popular constitutionalism.

@malavika surprised to find Austin, despite a lot of reliance by the court missing in the study of context. Overrated ? Any specific reasons?

@amlanmishra the idea is to study the histories that win out and the histories that lose out, when we think of constitutional history. Austin was a dominant part of the former. Aravind Elangovan鈥檚 piece is the discussion piece from which Austin gets critiqued.

@malavika is there one composite drive where one could access the readings on 'Reading Constitutional Structure'?

@shraznar hi! sadly the main book by Charles Black I only have in book form. I can aim to have it scanned and uploaded by year end. Is that ok?

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