I'm a lawyer. I feel most competent in constitutional law. This means I'm constantly recovering from the trauma of being alive in these times.

In my doctoral work, I'm trying to understand constitutional claims outside courts - or the gulf between the Constitution of India & the constitution of India.

I'm currently teaching the law & science module to science undergrads, developing an RPG for children to work the Constitution democratically, and writing writing writing.


I'm feeling quite strongly about being anchored in a community of similarly minded peers, so obviously fleeing twitter for here was an easy thing.

Took me days to write this intro because I needed a moment's pause and some mental clarity from above mentioned trauma and brain fog, to be able to do this. :P

since I'm yet to figure out the wherewithal to create a critical con law instance: I will be posting my critical constitutional law seminar outline + google drive with the readings here for law students + others to check out. Happy to chat over it on my handle for now. <3

@malavika Have faith finally overtaken the constitutional law in our country ?

@malavika Hello hello! Looking forward to your Toots on constitutional law. And if you ever figure out the new instance pls do tell! Would follow it eagerly.

@malavika welcome to mastodon. You will find this place more engaging and much safer than 🐦

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