even more thoughts on what this means for tribals in the north east.

potentially, the fundamental rights of tribals is left to the mercy of executive actors under .

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some more thoughts on NRC+CAA as the law stands today, and the legitimate worries this law poses for tomorrow, when the Govt can change things through executive acts on a whim.

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The flesh and blood of the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is up for the executive to decide on a whim.


2019 main motto: don't let perfect be the enemy of good

even so, I'm so tired all the time what even

the ends don’t justify the means the ends don’t justify the means the ends don’t justify the means the ends don’t justify the means the ends don’t justify the means the ends don’t justify the means the ends don’t justify the means

Vidushi Marda and I co-authored an India report this year for GISWatch.

we studied the Smart Sanitation project's impact on the society it is being placed in, given and systems of labour undergirding sanitation work in India.

we would love to hear feedback or to chat more on our findings!


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So came and went, but some folks are keeping the movement going. Check out constitutionalism.in/, the Project Constitution initiative started by good friend and SC lawyer @AbishekJebaraj@twitter.com, along with Srishti Agnihotri, @prasanna_s@twitter.com and @aviksahaindia@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/prisjebaraj/status

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I'll be speaking at National Law School, Bangalore, tomorrow (28 Nov.) at 3 pm on the Supreme Court and its recent decisions. It's open to all: nls.ac.in/the-nls-public-lectu

replug: if electoral mandates don't turn on Government playing by the rules, it has no incentive to abide by the Constitution.

my piece for Constitution Day on why we need to watch the Government's every move like hawks if we care about the Constitution.


I wrote a thing, this Constitution day.

Mooring the 'constitution' of India back to the 'Constitution' of India.

as promised, here's a reading list in the broad category of critical constitutional law.

this one is on constitutional argument - which are taught to us as modalities for establishing the truth of a constitutional proposition. this gels well with a judicial supremacy-lens of constitutionalism.

this reading list explores constitutional argument as geared to meaning-making and persuasion. this mode of constitutional argument would be apt for a popular constitutionalism.

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Departing CJI surely needed some sincere words and phrases of judicial self- reflection that corridors of power in Delhi would never provide. @gautambhatia delivers a rather deserving farewell to his Lordship on that front, case by case. (Read: travesty by travesty) #CJI #Gogoi
@suhrith @malavika

“A little brief authority”: Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and the Rise of the Executive Court | Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy

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Just started a monthly Patreon contribution to @stux for the great work. You can, too.

friends in Bangalore, we are talking about what’s up in Hong Kong today in the Bangalore International Center.

we will talk HK history, the constitutional and legal framework, the brave protests that have recently escalated, the incentives at play for PRC and Beijing to pay heed and how similar the play book has become, for both authoritarian and democratic regimes these days.

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@suhrith and I wrote a piece on the Ayodhya judgment.


We asked if the judgment is legally correct; and if isn't, whether it is nonetheless justified as an act of "judicial statesmanship" that lets the country move on.

We believe that the answer to both those questions is "no".

since I'm yet to figure out the wherewithal to create a critical con law instance: I will be posting my critical constitutional law seminar outline + google drive with the readings here for law students + others to check out. Happy to chat over it on my handle for now. <3

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I'm feeling quite strongly about being anchored in a community of similarly minded peers, so obviously fleeing twitter for here was an easy thing.

Took me days to write this intro because I needed a moment's pause and some mental clarity from above mentioned trauma and brain fog, to be able to do this. :P

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I'm a lawyer. I feel most competent in constitutional law. This means I'm constantly recovering from the trauma of being alive in these times.

In my doctoral work, I'm trying to understand constitutional claims outside courts - or the gulf between the Constitution of India & the constitution of India.

I'm currently teaching the law & science module to science undergrads, developing an RPG for children to work the Constitution democratically, and writing writing writing.

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