Help us #deGoogle #Free and #OpenSource Software!

Me, @TheMainOne, @taminaru and Tyler have started a hobby project to remove proprietary Google software from FOSS.

#Google plays a huge part in all of our lives. And #FOSS. Do you really want FOSS software running #proprietary Google code?

With proprietary code, NOBODY can see what it does, or what data it sends. Proprietary software is also embedded into a lot of FOSS projects.

Google STEALS your data. It steals your control. It steals your #freedom.

Help us put the Freedom back in FOSS.

#privacy #security #libre #OSS

@resynth1943 Unfortunately, Google (in terms of funding and maybe contributions) lives at the heart of a lot of FLOSS: (Patrons)

All along with this: Chromium, nodejs, ... . Same way, each year Google is supporting FLOSS by hosting Google Summer Of Code.

With all due respect for De-Googling, how relevant are these contributions to FLOSS? Where would FLOSS be without corporate money, these days?

@TheMainOne @taminaru

@z428 @resynth1943 @TheMainOne @taminaru
You're right, corporations do have influence on FOSS and without their support we cannot even imagine the development of those projects. Still, even if corporations support FOSS, it doesn't mean that FOSS should use everything corps provide. As an example, .NET might be a wonderful and flexible tool for development but it doesn't mean I have to use other products of Microsoft, right? (that maybe was a bad example...)


@z428 @resynth1943 @TheMainOne @taminaru
Fortunately, there ARE projects which rely purely on donations/their own revenue model like Mastodon and Fediverse in general, Codeberg, Tutanota(as far as I know none of Big Corps invested nor gained control over them) and others. Such way of thinking develops and in long-term we might see pretty interesting solutions to Big Corps' products. At least this is what I want to believe in.

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@makkusu Agree. Especially talking about projects like Tutanota. I'd like to see more of them, including some with a funding model that works out beyond just being donation-backed or built on top of unpaid voluntary work. Would be really important for a different perspective on tech in my opinion. πŸ™‚ @resynth1943 @TheMainOne @taminaru

I really wonder what kind of model this could be. Nothing except donations and subscriptions does come into my head... I suppose it will be a really hard to think of something new. Today's world becomes less and less adopted to even paying for services they use(emails especially) because there are free alternatives... Looks like an awfully hard rebus for me πŸ€”

@makkusu Subscriptions would be perfectly fine in my opinion, maybe in different levels to not exclude those who want to pay but can't afford really expensive subscriptions. Maybe patron and the like as an option, but subscription really would be my preference. πŸ™‚

@z428 I would prefer to pay for the service as well but most of people I keep in touch with refuse to do so. This is more a problem of today's society's mentality... Still, if developer has an option for donations, I would do so. Right now I have plans to support mstdn's dev(Styx, I believe) because he does a great job controlling and updating the service. Fortunately, there are a lot of projects to choose from. Competition dies but it will never be absolutely dead

@makkusu @z428 @resynth1943 @TheMainOne @taminaru as much as I do think tutanota is good, aren't they a corp themselves?

@arctic @z428 @resynth1943 @TheMainOne @taminaru
Looks like they are. On Wikipedia it says they're registered as "Tutao GmbH" which is actually used by determining company as corporation in Germany. Crunchbase says they're for-profit company but still, they have their own revenue model which allows them to live independently from bigger corps and in my opinion it's wonderful :D

@makkusu @z428 @resynth1943 @TheMainOne @taminaru Yeah they are still a good company even if they are one. I am heavily considering switching from protonmail to them.

@arctic Yes. Maybe for that to improve, we need to embrace corporations that strive to do things better (and actually fund them by paying for their services)...?

@makkusu @resynth1943 @TheMainOne @taminaru

@z428 @makkusu @resynth1943 @TheMainOne @taminaru yeah I was just confused by the somewhat all corps are bad mentality and then saying tutanota is good when they are a corp. I agree with you

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