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capitalism betrayed me, there are mostly the same 5 sorts of potato crips in every store

you promised me freedom of choice, yet all you offer me is paprika, salted, sour cream & onion, bbq and salt & vinegar if i'm lucky

The only positive thing that changed is that there are 2-3 new Against Me albums now, lol

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I celebrate the weekend with a listen to Reinventing Axl Rose, play Skyrim and have eaten too much paprika peanuts. Am i 23 or 17??

rant about local terfs 

What makes it much worse is that a lot of cis people here remain silent, because they fear that speaking out against terfs weakens the scene (and that is horseshit)

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rant about local terfs 

The way anti-trans attitudes are normalized in my local leftist scene is making me sick. These people call themselve feminist or antifa but have no problem to threaten or bully anyone who won't fit in their narrow view of gender. This goes on and on for years now and they keep getting louder with every progress queer feminists make in our town

disease in media, irony 

Now watching Alien (1979) because i like to see how helpless people get murdered by a biological menace

Guess who got up early today for uni and then learned that the course won't happen :doge:

The next online semester: is supposed to start today

My universitys server:

I just realized that my complete geographical knowledge comes from playing Euro Truck Simulator, and you can guess that this makes a rather simple view on the world.

My Bloody Valentine have their main albums back on streaming services and are working on new music, it seems!

I envy those who don't know them and yet have to hear their sounds for the first time. It was magical to me :blobcatmeltcry:

My partner and i went on a hike around the outskirts of town to see the most romantic junkyard in existence.

Today i learned that i can use Android 10s focus mode to shut down all work-related apps after 6pm until next day. It's kind of funny as this feature suggests you to do the opposite and block apps that distract you from work. I feel so intelligent now. Also, why am i still awake? :-/

My first performance must have been the shit, the other kids begged me to play the king role each year even though i didn't enjoy it much.

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Did you know that in elementary school drama club, i got typecast as king in like 4 or 5 plays? I got photo evidence but not now.

I took a walk in the park today and the sheer amount of people overwhelmed me in a bad way.

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