Deer stalking at Dunham Massey, national trust. Wild deer in stately homes grounds. Didn't get to close, just use the zoom.

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All mushrooms are edible, but some of them only once. ☠️

You’ll have to do your own testing, I’m not as bold as I once was.

Currently reading, A Flea, or not a Flea? By Roland Prakken. A history of the ukulele.

Whatcha reading fo?

Let's do this.

I'm not selling anything or promoting anything.
I'm older than I would like to be, but hey, what can you do about it?
Will stop for bagpipes, Squeezebox and fiddle played enthusiastically.
Music: ska/punk/metal/nwobhm/folk/jazz/rock'n'roll/blues/ukulele.
TV shows: The West Wing/Doctor Who/Band of Brothers/Serverance/Pottery throwdown.
More Star Wars than Start Trek.
Rugby League.
Ice Hockey. 's Go Bruins
Will watch NFL but prefer NCAA
Used to be good at COD4, no not so much, but could probably still beat you at Galaga.
I play the ukulele badly for my own enjoyment.

So What's Next?

@feditips Hi, quick question, can you edit toot's after you've tooted them? Or is it once you've tooted is permanently out there?
Only asking for all the spelling mistake and miss swipes I'll be making😂

Scratch that just checked, I've now got a header banner as well.

I've now got a avatar! Whoo quality content here. 😄 I'm getting there. Not sure if I've gotta header picture though?

Listening to the Rock and Roll manifesto podcast. All killer, show #600.

Liverpool city skyline
Paddy's wigwam, St John's Beacon & The Anglican cathedral.
Taken from Panaramic 34 restaurant.

This is not going to be an epic first post. Working nights and just installed this to follow @bazmaz the gotaukulele review guy, trying to figure shit out in my break at work!
Will look at it when I wake up in the afternoon.

That is all.

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