I disabled email notifications on Twitch and purged all of the history on my inbox. 50k+ notifications since 2017.

Feels like purging those old magazines you used to read as a child.

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For a brief moment before hitting 'Delete' it was actually a fascinating read. It showd how my interests evolved over time and how many creators started great and then went M.I.A.

I feel my main accounts on Twitter and Twitch may not survive until the end of 2022. I just feel so bored with both of them.

@shortwavesurfer2009 I agree in the long run but I can't quit cold turkey or I'll go back in a week or so. They both have to wear off naturally.

@lukem totally understandable. I went through that back in 2019. I still use reddit unfortunately but that one doesnt have a good replacement yet. Lemmy exists, but it needs more time.

@shortwavesurfer2009 you just sparked my interest with Lemmy, checking it out. Thank you very much!

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