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Nara Park, Japan is home to over 1200 wild sika deer. This clipcaptured by Kazuki Ikeda in March 2020 shows some of them relaxing by cherry blossom trees when the park was closed to tourists due to the pandemic [source, read more: buff.ly/3czFK4L, buff.ly/3m3luf3]

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“So, this is your so called ‘surprise gift’?”

I would say Yes Please.

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How about a tiny cottage house. Somewhere in Ireland.

This is beautiful.

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Stone house in the Scottish Highlands.

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A high school friend of mine is on vacation down at Ocean Isle, NC. He just took this video. The rain has ended but the storm surge is still VERY visible.

He says locals are saying it was nearly the same impacts on Ocean Isle as Hurricane Isaias in 2020.

Video: Robert Spangler

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Remember when Coolio did a gig in Preston, ran into a group of random students outside afterwards and went back to their place, where he made Caprese Salad, Chicken á la Daaaamn and Peach Crumble, and they jammed Gangster's Paradise. What a guy.

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Hidden mountain lion watches runner in Ojai, California 😳

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Dramatic footage is coming in from Naples, FL as firefighters had to move their equipment from their truck as storm surge inundated their station.

You can watch WeatherNation for the latest updates on on your favorite streaming platforms.

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