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But make sure you have followed us first :)

hi! is there any of you have a domain rpverse.club? may i ask something? 🥺

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Hello! Sorry for using public.

To my fellow roleplayers, if you're still awake kindly say hi or interact with this toot, please!! I'm trying to make friends since I'm new to this platform. Let's get along well. ♡︎

Ps. I'm kinda selective!

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Sorry for bringing this up and using public again! :11118: Can you please scroll up to this toot and boost the toot above? :231111: I'm still in need for more friends to talk to! If you boost or interact with the tweet above, I'll greet you right away! :11111:

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First of all, I'm sorry for making this public.

However, I'm in need for some people to be mutual with and to interact. Don't worry, I speak both in Bahasa and English. Please do boost this so we can follow each other!

Sincerely, Danik.

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I apologize for making this public.

If you see this tweet passing by your local, care to shoot me a toot or you can simply boost my toot. I am looking for people to be friend with.

well maybe something can't back as usual, but at least we've tried to♡

good evening, pals!

since the system seems fine recently, can you help me to boost this toot and help me to gain new mutuals? hi, this is yves from loona. and i'm using english as my main language♡

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@tael @kdy I did not :blobcatgiggle: But maybe that a good idea, an instance for RP only 😻

I did not delete accounts :ablobwink:

# sorry for make this public.

hi, i'm yves from loona. currently seeking for english roleplayer, please boost or reply this toot and i will great you right away!

mind to help me, @englishroleplayer ? thanks a bunch!♡

good morning from me and my beloved one, @loonaheejin ♡ don't forget a hug a day!

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@englishroleplayer shout out please? the name is kim jennie, or you might know her as blackpink's jennie. she is currently looking for some (hopefully long-term) friends. she offers for casual talk and good friendship. those who are interested, please leave a trace by drop something down below, a simple hello would be nice too!

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@englishroleplayer hello can you give me a shoutout? Johnny is here and I'm looking for another NCT members and also some friends!

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@englishroleplayer hello can u boost this? i need more NCT members and anyone who wants be friend with me. thank you!

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@englishroleplayer hey there! Do you mind to help me finding my group mate, label mate, and anyone who want to be my (forever) friend? Thank you...

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@englishroleplayer hello! a shoutout please? Hi I am Jaehyun. Here for looking my NCT & WayV mates, also more friends! Thanks!

— Jaehyun & his 2 good friends.

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@englishroleplayer hello, great day to you. Whether could you lend me a hand by retweeting mine cause I'd like to encounter new people who'd like to fulfill my social needs. Come forth, this Jennie won't harm you. Thanks in advance!

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