Mutual aid networks have been popping up to help neighbors help eachother during the pandemic.

I started listing them on these two spreadsheets:

Full US List: [] »
Massachusetts: [] »

Lots of shows being canceled to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Probably best to stay home regardless, but I'll try to keep this site as updated as possible. Email me if your show is canceled please and thank u.

Witches With Dicks have a new 7" coming out soon. Here's a sneak preview track called Dogshit Summer: (Also streaming on their Bandcamp)

Making Spaces Safer: An Interview with Shawna Potter (of War on Women)

Not Boston-related, but a cool interview and book worth checking out especially for those involved in DIY communities

We are going to start putting NEWS here about local bands.

If you've got tour dates, a new song, are gonna perform live on the radio, or have a new record/tape coming out, have an interview you wanna share...or just want to say hi? email us and we will put it here. Thanks!!


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