In case it's of interest: I'm a metalsmith and have a little Etsy shop where you can see my amulets and resin art (no resin up at the moment). I'm having a sale right now, 20% off all amulets, comes with chain. If you're within the continental US or Canada, tracked shipping is included! ;)

Update: holy doodle, thank you for the boosts, I sold two amulets this afternoon! I have more amulets to list, I may get a chance this week to finish antiquing a batch, photograph and write up the listings. There's more unique Swarovoski (Jean Paul Gautier cabochons) and labradorite, moonstone, chrysoprase, etc. coming. I might start selling my resin daggers as well if there's interest. :kirbyroll:

Updated update: yesterday I sold THREE amulets and I'm so thrilled. Today I"m making the chains for them so I can get them dispatched. Thank you so much for the boosts, it really helps, Fediversans! :blobcathearthug:

Sale update: still on, but amulets are going if you've had your eye on anything. Just sold: Frostmoon Helm (black tourmaline and rainbow moonstone in hammered copper).

@leahdriel they look like the ones can boost my intelligence if I'm in a game :blobmiou:

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