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sorry global,

RPs ayo mutualan.
boost aja but, wajib autofb biar ga nyampah

pagi! ada yang mau followan di rpverse ?

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greetings RPs.

hi! i'm currently just moved to rpverse and i needed new friends to filled my empty timeline, so please help boosted or kindly reply to this toot and i'll give you a follow. thank you :)

sincerely, Gisella Kim.
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ㅤnak rp ada yg mau mutualan? boost aja ya nanti aku follow, jangan lupa auto follback ya biar aku gk usah dm satu-satu . . .

approval rpverse lama ga si ? maap public

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Sorry lewat, ada anak rp? Yuk mutual rep/boost aja dan jgn lupa follbacknya

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rp jfb yang udh bangun mutualan yuk
boost ae, langsung jfb ya wooyy

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Hi, sorry using public

anak rp followan yuk? boots aja open follback ya

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sorry use public

masih ada yang melek? followan yuk toot/bost ae jangan lupa flbck

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ada yang mau followan? boost or fav aja ya yg auto follback!! - 🍼

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Mari kita open follback

1. Boost pinned base
2. Follow base
3. Promote jangan lupa

Buruan senin harga naik -mas

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Follow dulu

silahkan boost toot dibawah ini

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followan? boots/rep kalo bisa langsung follback tanpa gua dm satu satu ye -bright

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ㅡ sorry use public .

mutualan yu , boots / rep aja nanti aku follow , tapi jfb ya 👋💗

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maaf pablik
anak rp followan yuk sekalian temenan? boost / rep aja yaaa

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ayo followan? yg ga pelit follback ya. rt/boots aja ya -jennie

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ꗃ. sorry use public .

mutualan yu , boots / rep okay? Nanti aku follow. Cepat 🥺💗🍒

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