hi @englishroleplayer can you give me a shout out? I need more english speakers on my timeline, thank you

@lalalalisaa_m noona hello! can you be my first lalisa noona on my timeline? but im not really fluent at english...

@djaemin sure, then you'll be my first jaemin then 😉 give this noona a follow back maybe

@lalalalisaa_m already! can you be my big sista? i dont have one... 🥺

@djaemin aw you are so sweet, sure why not I would like to 😳

@lalalalisaa_m HDJSHSJSHSH IM SO HAPPY YK?!! :blobcatcry: for celebrate our relationship lets hug :0170:

@djaemin ayeeee omg this jaemin is so cute helppp sjsjsj can't find a hug gif here sobs

@djaemin teach this noona how to find it uwu let's hug 🤗💖

@lalalalisaa_m i wont teach you if you dont give me a new bicycle 🤗

@lalalalisaa_m ☺☺☺☺ take my name off from our family card now :0170:

@djaemin why you dump me after a day become your sister help :0b08:

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