@Juhnny i haven't had lunch yet, i'm so sleepy.. maybe after waking up i will eat hehe. Btw nice to chat with you, later when i go online again let's talk about many things.

@jeonssomi haha sure, jangan lupa makan siang.
Nice to meet you somi.

@jeonssomi santai saja, sembari belajar hehe. Belum, sepertinya saya akan tertidur.
So sleepy ..

@Juhnny hmm, then hurry up and rest john. But, have you had lunch?

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@yyeri haha, i'm so sleepy. I think i'll go to bed hehe.

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@kwwonpil idk like i dont have energy to do anything

@Juhnny hmm, could it be.. because of covid 19? Or your mood?

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