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This is !


An elderly woman had to drag her 100-year-old mother on a cot to the Bank , at Nuapada District of Odisha, as officials refused access to her Jan Dhan Yojana account without physical verification.The incident took place three days back but videos viral on Saturday
The tweet shared is been tagged with FM
Does money received in PM Care fund attract any tax liability
As recipient is not declaring any end use of the money received
Europe pride herself on her practical and scientific organisation and efficiency.
I am waiting till her organisation is perfect.
Then a child shall destroy her...

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COVID Tests per million population

🇰🇷 Korea : 7622
🇮🇹 Italy : 7122
🇩🇪 Germany : 5812
🇺🇲 US : 2732
🇬🇧 UK : 1891
🇱🇰 Sri Lanka : 97
🇵🇰 Pakistan : 67
🇮🇳 India : 29

India has done only 38442 tests in total

Govt has no explanation for why we have the Lowest Testing Rate in the World


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