@jase @stux yes, absolutely this. The police are essentially a big mallet that is used for every scenario, when what we really need are very specific tools for each scenario. Police could be more nuanced and thoughtful. In America, they take no responsibility, take no opportunities to learn from their community, and are given military budgets.

@darkgryphon42 someone will adopt this lovely pirate in no time! 🏴‍☠️ ❤️

@jase @stux this is my favorite reply. Well stated!

I’ve been on cop watch sites and reporting on them/keeping track casually since about 2009 or so. A lot of people have tried to write it off as childish unhinged hatred, but they are missing the point. Police in America are a tool that exists to serve the wealthy and protect private property. They aren’t even legally required to “serve and protect” like they claim.

The example I like to use to illustrate the point of ACAB goes like this: imagine you’re standing before a massive army and you’re among a population that isn’t nearly as well-armed or has enough defenses. You don’t stand there and say “hey, that’s my neighbor Ted! He’s a nice guy!” You see the problem as a faceless collective that has swallowed the lives of many and imprisoned a multitude of others. Rotten root, rotten fruit. We saw this verbatim in places like Hong Kong and France. The working class fighting the working class to appease the ruling class.

@stux I recommend using Vue 3 but write in the component format that Vue 2 uses (e.g. use `methods` instead of dumping everything into the `setup()`). I know this is a jump ahead for your learning experience, but `setup()` can get really disorganized really quickly when using the composition API that v3 introduced (you’ll learn about it quickly if you’re doing Vue 3 lessons).

Source: I write Vue stuff daily and have been using it for about 2-3 years.

I somehow still remember that the blood code for Mortal Kombat on the Sega Game Gear was "2, 1, 2, down, up" twice during the intro. What a throwback.

I know it’s but let’s shake it up a bit. Here are our new baby koi fitting in with our big ones ❤️ i.imgur.com/U2TJS15.mp4

I was today-years-old when I learned that Dante Basco, the actor that played Rufio in the movie Hook, also did Prince Zuko’s voice in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’ve watched Avatar a ton (we have cats named Toph and Momo) and Rufio is big time childhood nostalgia for me, but I never managed to connect the two en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dante_

In Microsoft Teams on macOS, if you use MFA and the login popup appears, you can ignore it and continue to use the app like normal. You can view all messages, stay in a meeting, etc. That seems like a _massive_ security flaw.

I block ads on websites.
I block spam phone calls.
I avoid and delete apps that push ads.
I avoid Instagram because the feed is ads galore.
I've put a sign in our yard that warns solicitors and the like to get off our property.

And yet they still persist. Ding dong goes the doorbell. A man trying to sell some service.

There has to be at least one—just ONE—space in life where we are not bombarded by yet another capitalist leach trying to rid us of our hard-earned money; endlessly chipping away at both our sanity and our bank accounts.

@polychrome I wonder if Reddit would be a good place to gauge interest. Plenty of PC enthusiasts.

@polychrome one of my favorite computers was a hand-me-down 200 mhz midsized tower. Super simple and boxy. It would be cool to recreate that nostalgia.

@polychrome it feels like such a missed opportunity. Even if it was a series from an existing company. I’d totally bite.

@polychrome if it doesn’t already exist, I want a company that makes modern PC cases that are beige and resemble old school towers.

I draw the line at restaurants that use the word “forage.”

Every year shortly before July 4, there is a realtor that puts a small American flag in every front yard with their business card taped to the pole. They know that most people will either grab the card and leave the flag, or simply leave it all there as-is. Just a little casual Smoothbrain™ jingoism, mixed with some "clever" marketing tactics.

I snapped that motherfucker in half and threw it in the trash where it belongs.

Windows is the only operating system I’ve ever seen that loses complete control of itself when a single program goes berserk. Useless.

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