I got to eat this amazing scone today. The flavors were all tropical 🌈

I’m thankful to have such a place to escape to during lunch. A spitter pump replacement is on the agenda for today. We also have a small handful of little new koi swimming around and the larger fish don’t seem to bother them (it can become an issue).

This is a real travel warning in place for anyone coming to the US.

I dug out my RPi4 with the touch screen. Trying to figure out a use for it (suggestions welcome). I had an idea for an automatic misting contraption for our bearded dragon Gummy’s enclosure, but I think I can just use a RPi Mini for that (another device I have lying around somewhere). Side projects amirite.

The Eastern Lubber is a common sight in Florida backyards around this time.

(Image hidden since it’s a bug and could be a trigger for some)

Wiley is feeling much better. He's eating, drinking, and yelling at me a lot again.

I nearly forgot that I bought this poster. Signed by Romero himself! I need to get it framed and on the office wall (in a place where my wife doesn’t have to look at these nerds all day).

Today I learned there is a thing called “bardcore” 😂

We found one solitary Rain Lily in our yard. We haven’t seen them growing anywhere else in the yard.

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