Now is probably a good time for an . My name is Daryn 👋 and my wife and I reside in sunny St. Petersburg Florida. We live in a super cool home with a koi pond and 4 koi. Aside from the koi, we have 4 cats (, a bearded dragon named Gummy, and 2 black stray cats that come see us on the daily 🌞 (and nightly 🌚 ). I turned 41 just recently but have had the gift of a youthful face bestowed upon me. I’m a Sr. UX/UI Developer that writes a ton of and . I’m also a traditional and digital artist (working in on an iPad 12” with the Pencil) trying to regain footing. I’m not new to Mastodon but am new to this server and am looking forward to making more connections!

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