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Last night I was drunk and dream about you.

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But make sure you have followed us first :)

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Deeply sorry for making this public but this lonely Seungyoun is offering a πŸ’³ friendship card πŸ’³ since I have none of friends here. Sobs. For roleplayer whoβ€˜s mostly use English or bilingual in daily basis got a freepass!

Please kindly give this post a [boost] or drop any [toots] below! x

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First of all, I'm sorry for making this public.

However, I'm in need for some people to be mutual with and to interact. Don't worry, I speak both in Bahasa and English. Please do boost this so we can follow each other!

Sincerely, Danik.

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Sorry for make it public. The girl in the picture below is currently seeking for some new friends to talk to. For the unfamiliar, the name is Irene. If you don't mind with her presence, simply boost this post. πŸ€

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( Sorry for using public.

This Jennie is lonely. Needs someone to talk. Any volunteer? Don't worry, i use both english and bahasa. Rt/boost or reply this and don't forget to follow me back, see ya! <3 ) β €
β €β €β €β €

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kinda sad how people labelled us kpop user,
as if it's negative thing

am being too sensitive I guess

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W/N : I think that you guys don't have to talk too much. We all should be thankful because the developer/admin of this website give us instance/domain for roleplayers only. Anw, this migration will be a benefit for the non RP users and ourselves (RP users). Right now, please be patient for those who haven't entered the new instance because the server is down/on maintenance. For those who haven't receive email, check it on the spam. The email might be sent there. See you on the new instance! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘€

I'm using but also love this username :0170:

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@krw_on eiyy, thank you! Actually I'm a fan since Extraordinary You era πŸ˜›

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: Sorry for using public.

For rolepayers account, let's be mutual! I need a lot of friends here. If you dont mind with my content. Don't worry, im using both English and Bahasa as my daily. Rt/boost if you interested and dont forget to follow me back, Danke. ❀

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