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Hi , I'm an illustrator and graphic designer based out of New Delhi. Through editorial illustration, fiction and non-fiction comics I look at intersections of visual design + research with contemporary politics, social and human rights issues.

I also make political comics compiled under on most social media platforms. Links where they're supposed to be if you're interested :)

There are protests happening across the country against the CAB and NRC. Please join one in your city. If you don't know about it, there are many good articles + bite-sized explainers on the internet.If you'd like to print these and take them to a protest:

Re-plug thread on why CAB is unconstitutional.

Article 15 non-discrimination guarantees have been extended to all persons. Not just citizens.

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Among the following options, who do you think would have delivered better economy numbers as the head of the government than the incumbent?

Sketchnotes from today's press conference against the passing of Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 at IWPC, Delhi.

You know what's ridiculous about the legislation of the world's largest #democracy??

The people who are at the receiving end are completely neglected.

Everyone but the #kashmiri people are speaking on what's happening in #kashmir . No one from Kashmir had a say in the revoking of Article 370.

And now the Transgender Persons Protection Bill is passed ignoring the demands and changes the trans community was asking for.

Soon #NRC and #CitizenshipAmendmentBill will come in play.


Sketchnotes from Rajeev Dhavan's talk on 'Constitution at 70' at Jawahar Bhawan today. One of the most intense Q&As at a public talk I've seen so far in Delhi.

"Can there be peace without justice?"


Sunni waqf board decides against filing a review petition after 6 of 7 top officials concur in their meeting held in Lucknow



Material Analysis pod (esp for comrade Bela)

This one from Jamhoor about Left Politics in South Asia especially history of Pakistan is eye opening

Politics Theory Other. I especially like the episodes on xenofeminism, surrogacy & rise of neoliberal feminism is pretty good!

What makes you post and engage on Twitter?

Feel free to add up anything you feel like in the comments.


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Suggestions for podcasts/reading on Marxist Theory? I already listen to Philosophise This. Wondering if there's anything good *specifically* on Marxism, The Frankfurt School?

Do read this story from democratic India, where 10,000 people in Jharkhand are charged with sedition for asking to either be given their constitutional rights, or be corrected on what their rights are. That's right, 10,000 people. That's right, sedition.

New-style dictators prefer the ankle bracelet to the Gulag.

It's bad enough that brands are capitalising on the air pollution with ads for masks but I'm really perturbed by aesthetics being the selling point. I don't want to look at someone in a mask and go, I want to be reminded that this is an emergency nd it's not normal.

✨New Work✨ Spot for an article on chin hair commissioned by AARP Media for Sisters Newsletter AD: Dian Holton will help you finding right instance for your needs btw.

Remember that some instances are ontopic instances like fosstodon here.

Indian politics, twitter 

Argh! So people coming to Mastodon, while you're welcome to #fediverse, please follow the topic of specific instances.. I'm here on fosstodon because I care about the FOSS software and not about some random Indian left-wing political meme you have to share.

I'm not telling you to not share it.. just saying share it on right instance and keep this instance FOSS specific only.

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