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sentiment/meme poll 

“Nostalgia is a drug”

🔴 live in 6 minutes… i don't have a clue, calling it "tired tuesday" 🤔 although I'm probably gonna uptempo it in a bit


I've prepared a VJ’ing setup in OBS yesterday. Felt nice, might stream :blobcatoverlycute:

🕙 Later tonight (CEST)

The previous one was for the heart, this one is … well, for your workout 😉

Get Well Soon – One For Your Workout


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But look, the weather is strange these days and the flowers are confused, a field of poppies at the end of September. Today felt like Indian Summer anyway.

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Scenario: You're married for 2+ years and have a "normally happy" relationship (just to exclude honeymooners and obviously failed marriages). It turns out your partner is/was cheating on you (more than a ONS, less than a secret second life) and you both know you know.

How likely will this result in a formal divorce of your marriage?

(Note: I'm not seeking advice here. All is fine. Just curious.)

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Spent some time on Amazon Prime the last couple days (the flu made me do it 🧐). Watched a bit, put some (new) classics onto my watch list; but mostly my desire for Carnival Row, Season 2 (the final one, allegedly), stirred up again. Bring it already!

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Auch wenn ich ihr sehr wünsche, dass es heute noch nicht so weit ist, gibt's 'ne Leseempfehlung von mir, was passiert, wenn die Queen eines Tages stirbt.

Even though I very much wish that that day is far ahead, I recommend reading this Guardian article about what happens when the Queen passes one day.

Als Text:

Oder vorgelesen:


Morgen früh wieder mit chilliger Musik? Ja, nein, vielleicht? 🤔

Hat heute halbwegs gut geklappt mit der Produktivität – nur, dass ich es mal wieder allen verschwiegen habe…

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Do you think project management for a solo game developer is overkill and time consuming or is it important for a successful project?

Pls. #boost for a representative statement.

#gamedev #projectmanagement #indiedev #code #games #project

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#GameDev poll

Doing a retro game, I'm considering using the PC speaker for very select sound effects. Thing is, while this is entirely possible, I don't know if it's actually desirable.

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Habe mir endlich die Zeit genommen, in die Vorab-Singles zur neuen Platte der reinzuhören: Das ist ziemlich ordentlich. Hübsche Melodien und knackige Riffs haben sie nicht verlernt; die Stimme ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben, nur die Lyrics fand ich etwas schwach – anderseits ist mein Favorit dann gerade der lyrical-nonsense Werwolf-Track There’s a Moon On 🌔

Auf der -Skala von Hit bis Niete geht das völlig in Ordnung für mich.


PS: Der Rockpalast Live-Mitschnitt aus Köln von vor drei Wochen ist großartig

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