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Request : Tooters who have a blue tick after their name in Masodon, please remove. It is a status symbol, a relic of the BirdSite. We really have no place for a caste or class heirachy here. Of course, it is upto you.

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The Congress postponed its 1st Dec rally on economic slowdown 🤷‍♂️
They have so much confidence in BJP that they are giving more time to them to make the economy worse🤦‍♂️

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Do you think mastodon has potential to replace Twitter?

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Ok seeing a lot of links on local feed . Ya we moved to mastodon to avoid bird site no ? Then why you keep bringing bird site link here , cross posting and posting content and not interacting . Tell me ! Tell me now

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So three findings emerge:

1. That the 1949 installation of idols was illegal
2. That the 1992 demolition was illegal.
3. No evidence that Babri masjid was build by *demolishing* a temple.

Who is the wronged and who is the wrongdoer again?

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I envy Lord Voldemort.
He would not be affected by the Delhi pollution.

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Some of India's most influential Twitter users are looking to move to little-known network Mastodon amid an outcry over Twitter moderation methods.

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Sharing an old photo of Diwali at the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi. This place is my idea of India. Open, free, liberating.

#india #love #dilli #delhi #sufism #bliss

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It’s now up to 18.8K new users this week. For reference, growth was about 1K per week for a long time.

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I'm sure they'll need upgrades. Let the team work on servers. So I'll be tooting less for 2 - 3 days.

The best thing happening here is it's reviving my lost interest in development. Infact I feel safer wrt asking queries too. Hoping for better things to happen 😊😇

Girls like you... 🎶
On loop.. I think I played it more than 50 times now. 😂
And no im not getting bored (listen to without music version, you'll love music thereafter 😅)

Trying to fill positivity into minds of those little ones is difficult. Even more if they Qn a lot. Glad I could do so to 2 on birdsite. They feel hopeful now.
Ref : verdict

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Do you pronounce it “git” or “git”?

Seems like bhakts underestimated. They used the verified sign thinking ppl would blindly follow + to make this platform a congress owned (may be to target or for propaganda or whatever).

Also I'm glad most doubted it cos it wasn't announced. And this platform got it suspended as well 😊

Ref : RG and PG accounts

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