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Liebe die Frau

"The greatest democracy in the world". But without the right to abortion.

How to ensure your open source software is never used by corporations? Call it things like “pissmaster 9000”

here's an explanation of how federation works: you launch your shit into the internet and a bunch of weirdo freaks that may or may not respect your blocks depending on ideology get to grip their fetid electronic tendrils around it and gawk at it for as long as they want, leering at your posts with their wretched flesh eyes for as long as they want, studying your electronic cries for interaction and socialization until they either deign to give you a "fave" or a "boost" or reply to your post with their shallow and lugubrious prose that offends your eyes and senses in ways heretofore thought impossible, a torture so painful and endless it shakes you to your soul like an earthquake of psychic pain. then, just as you face God to ask to deliver you from this horror, you see a post out of the corner of your eye. "crunchpap smearpreme", it reads, and you are once again sucked into this vast, neverending maw of electronic horror we call "federation"

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