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Working in the field tomorrow. I’ll be installing these MikroTik hEX devices at transmitter sites to serve as an alternate IP path for our studio-transmitter links! I had to kludge together an EoIP tunnel within a WireGuard tunnel back to a CHR I stood up in the cloud so I won’t have to change TCP/IP settings on our Intraplex transports. Sounds like a lot of overhead, but it’s just a few 384kbps Opus streams.

This is Teacher Appreciation Week.

It needs to start being expressed with higher pay and more support, rather than empty words, coffee shop gift cards, and pizza parties. I worked in public education for nine years. I wasn't even a teacher and even I knew it was time to GTFO.

Built a new fire ring today. It looks a lot better than the rusty one we had before that was falling apart.

Also, you *cannot* tell me there are no other broadcast engineers in the fediverse.

Either way you should follow me if you are or think you might be a radio nerd. I can show you cool things.

I’m at NAB Show this week and this is the coolest haul ever. Not many people in their 30s can say they’ve done work on a tube-based FM transmitter, but cha boi actually enjoys the challenge!

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