NEW VIDEO: The Emergency Alert System in the United States has come a long way from the threat of war in the 1950s to ... mostly waking you up in the middle of the night. Learn about its history and some of the mechanics behind the EAS here.

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NEW VIDEO: When you're a broadcast engineer, it's not all fun and games. You also have to keep some records! Learn about these logs and the FCC rules behind them here.

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I wrote a script for a video about the evolution and history of the Emergency Alert System and how it relates to the broadcast industry (aka more effort at teaching you about it rather than slapping together a compilation of tests from the 1970s and 80s). It’s six pages long. I’m sorry in advance.

Not that those compilation videos of old EBS tests aren’t interesting, they just don’t teach anyone much.

Would you believe that all these antennas on our roof at the radio station are for receiving only?

NEW VIDEO: I talked to a few people who, like me, are entering the world of broadcasting as a second career. If you’re a radio nerd or you have any interest at all, it’s never too late to become a broadcaster!

Watch here on my PeerTube instance:

I've started putting my videos about broadcast engineering in radio on my PeerTube instance!

Catch the first one where I talk about audio processing and how we use it in radio here:

I'm uploading my newest now, where I interviewed some people who work in radio as a second or third career, you'll see it soon!

Working in the field tomorrow. I’ll be installing these MikroTik hEX devices at transmitter sites to serve as an alternate IP path for our studio-transmitter links! I had to kludge together an EoIP tunnel within a WireGuard tunnel back to a CHR I stood up in the cloud so I won’t have to change TCP/IP settings on our Intraplex transports. Sounds like a lot of overhead, but it’s just a few 384kbps Opus streams.

I’m at NAB Show this week and this is the coolest haul ever. Not many people in their 30s can say they’ve done work on a tube-based FM transmitter, but cha boi actually enjoys the challenge!

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