I made a thing, and it doesn't really have to do with radio. This is long, so bear with me:

In 2015 or so, I put together a one-page web application that would cross-reference your device's precise location and tell you if you were inside a warned area (the US delineates severe weather warnings with geographic polygons rather than political subdivisions). I was running it on my own server early on and it depended on a lot of backend code that took in data that wasn't very easy to work with.

Today, there are ubiquitous web APIs that make this data easy to come by if you know how to process it. I've spent some time removing all these backend dependencies and moved the page to a public cloud provider and I feel comfortable enough with its reliability to publicize it.

So now, if you're in the US and you know there's bad weather nearby but don't know if you should take cover, you can respect that polygon by visiting from your mobile device's web browser.

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