interested in using mastodon more instead of twitter but know absolutely 0 people on here lol

@pie post kirby without shoes
post kirby without shoes
post kirby without shoes

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@Nonetrix i also remember when u used to be able to ask siri to show a contact, then click 'open in app' or smthing and bypass that way... that was on ios 7 i think..?

@pie sometimes you've just gotta put on good music and sit there thinking about nothing, ya know?

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The pasta is returning to its natural habitat. Nature is healing, we are the virus


@waifu ahh i wish i had acnh rn... but switches are sold out everywhere :(

@wet_hot_arthritis thanks! seems more chill than twitter so far, i kinda like it

@wet_hot_arthritis 4am for me, & i decided to join this random social site for some reason :^)

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Welp, just joined and have no clue what this is, it seems cool though.

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