FYI Unlike birdsite if you like a toot, that toot will not appear in your followers timeline. It just a recognition that you liked the toot. If you want any toot that you like to be seen by your followers you need to boost it. #mastodontips

for the lawyers on here: now that deities are legal entities, can they be named as co-conspirators the next time someone lynches a person in their name? asking for a friend

On Mastodon, absent religious supremacists of all stripes, I hope to have fruitful and fundy-free discussions about religion and atheism.

To start, I submit that neither Sikhism nor Buddhism ought to be classified as religions, as they lack the requisite belief in a particular deity or higher power. They are simply a set of rules/rituals - in fact, perfect examples of how to have community without needing to believe lies.


Forgive my newbness, but
a) What's the criteria for verification?
b) Are DMs not a thing here?

I am no longer Hindu. I am currently a part of an atheist minority and actively converting as many to atheism as possible.

RT if you're in or at least game to keep your gods your private business and are godless for all public purposes.

Only answer to Hindutva may finally be in enough Hindus dumping the religion to turn Hindutva into a solid minority by all interpretations.

With India's incredible diversity and the extended reach social media offers, I don't think we could succumb to ordinary fascism for long.

The real threat is surveillance technology, because with that, fascists can exercise control at a scale never seen before - we don't know what is even possible at that level of control.

I love Mastodon, but I'm sorry, @Gargron, I just cannot bring myself to say 'toot' :0170:!

Any suggestions for alternatives, anyone?

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