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Re-reading Orwell's *Coming Up For Air*. Maybe cause I'm older now and can appreciate its evocation of the intensity of adolescent cathection... I think it might be his best novel

On the way to the shops today I noticed that Facebook are running billboard ads on the themes of "Europe" and "community". With very minimal branding, I thought it was an ad for a coffee machine or charity at first

I've been diving back into the Format:B catalogue recently. It's partly nostalgia for my 20s, but also they're great: chunky sound design, swingy riffs, irreverent soul era quotations, all cheekily squeezed into strict minimal-techno 8-bar phrases

Spoilers for old TV 

X-Files 6-14... it's a time loop, Groundhog Day kind of thing. The technically complex yet emotionally empty plotting reminds me of (Film Crit Hulk's sharp analysis of) of Christopher Nolan's films

Had a pretty solid Monday - got an expenses claim settled with my company's HR, got my new Korg synth going, debated about classist terminology with my mate, and matched on the dating app!

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Sunset Strip - ink & watercolor

I found this partially closed beach club/apartment building near the beach and loved the colors.

#drawing #painting #house #architecture #watercolor #ink #art #MastoArt

I like how this raises the metaphysical aspect of - by sheer obsessive, ritualistic devotion, some players come to inhabit a world as intimately and knowledgeably as its creators

Yesterday I got a tour of the massive rewilding project that's been going for 7 years on the Dunsany estate in Meath - mind blowing stuff. They're taking an unusually low-intervention approach, no pigs, no shooting of deer, and it seems to be working

Bedroom and second monitor ,or living room and sunlight?

Things I have used the shade the LED on my laptop's power cable when trying to sleep: a coaster; a toilet roll; toilet paper; a towel; a paperback novel; a post-it; another laptop

Finally watched the "Jaco Lost Tapes" documentary - the film itself's a bit rough around the edges, but what a beautiful soul and what a zest for music. As a young player I was always a bit intimidated by that legacy but the doc brought out his light hearted joyfulness

I believe things more if they are written down. It's a bias I can observe but not control

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Voilà, alors ça, c'est fait !

"Les variantes Mohamed, Mohammed, Ben Mohamed et Ben Mohammed, ce ne sont pas moins de 1717 soldats qui sont tombés au combat pour la France. Largement suffisant pour intégrer la liste des 50 prénoms qui ont versé le plus lourd tribut au conflit. 1204 d’entre eux étaient nés sur le territoire algérien, 467 au Maroc et 18 en Tunisie.
En se limitant aux soldats s’étant fait recenser avec le prénom Ben Mohamed, le décompte monte déjà à 667, soit davantage que les Martin (649) ou les Mathieu (572)."

Mon grand-père, lui, s'appelait Brahim, il avait 19 ans en 1914 quand il a commencé cette guerre, il l'a terminée vivant, bien qu"il soit passé par le Chemin des Dames.

I've never been attracted by HDR photos, and I think it's because of a muddiness inherent at two scales: at the large scale, you're removing extremes of light and dark and so flattening out the contrast; at the small scale, the different exposures are usually blended together with soft borders

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