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« “Trees” are not a coherent phylogenetic category. On the evolutionary tree of plants, trees are regularly interspersed with things that are absolutely, 100% not trees. This means that, for instance, either: The common ancestor of a maple and a mulberry tree was not a tree. The common ancestor of a stinging nettle and a strawberry plant was a tree. And this is true for most trees or non-trees that you can think of. »

I've always liked moirê and related phenomena. Here's a repeating pattern that popped out of some experiments with scaling an 8x8 1-bit tile

When it's raining hard, like today, the roof of my parents' kitchen extension hums in an overtones-rich tone forming a quietly sumptuous major chord

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Question: Is there a masto who's going from France to Ireland on ferry this next week and who would have a bit of space for me as well as some cardboards and bags? I would pay for the essence and a bit more for the driving...

Thanks in advance.

Took 20 mins to hide away my work lapper and monitor and dust my desk for the weekend... I feel better already

C is grand, it's makefiles that wreck my head

Saturday plans!

[Photo of art materials, laptop, blank paper laid out on the floor]

Dostoyevsky's *The Adolescent*: all the heart shaking drama and existential angst of his top hitters, but a bit more of a fun read (though this could be Pevear and Volokhonsky's translation, now that I think of it). It's also astounding how convincingly 70yo Dostoyevsky writes a teenaged protagonist

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If number 1 milk is for 0-6 months, number 2 is for 6+ etc, who is this for?

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In *Down and Out in Paris and London* George Orwell states that farting loudly upon leaving the room was "a favourite Italian insult". I will always wonder was this an accurate observation or just something that sounded good

I suppose a wet and warm July'll do that - there's absolutely springing up out of every verge and all over the park today

It's always annoyed me how easily those tabs that are meant to lock the flaps together, get ripped while opening cereal boxes

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There's more to life than choosing between marginally differentiated corporate products, of course, but for the record, Tesco's own brand Shreddies alternative has sturdier flaps on the top of the box

I haven't fixed the glitch, but now the buffer also displays in Linux using X11

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Playing with C and Win32... this is not what I was trying to do but it's pretty

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