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This is extremely my jam... "LIMITS 2021 solicits submissions that move us closer towards computing systems that support diverse human and non-human lifeforms within thriving biospheres."

Some cheeky LBMs (little brown ) I spotted poking up from my parents' patio. Does this mean that the mycelium extends all the way underneath the flagstones? Must do!

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The academic story of African American English has been wrong all along.
How linguists are mapping the formerly overlooked variety of Black speech.

Devoting the morning to one of my most relaxing pastimes: naming drum samples.

Had my most intense interview yet this afternoon, concluding with 20 mins. of pair programming. Chilling now with some ambient tunes and book buying

recorded with OBS and , from the last few days. Fourth species counterpoint, so, every note in the harmony line is half a measure away from the notes in the original melody (AKA cantus firmus). The harmony line is above the original in these examples, but can equally be below.

Today I relistened to some of these tracks outside the film... hmm maybe not quite as awesome as I thought

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I wrote a linked list implementation (backed by a static array, an idea taken from this free ebook)

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Studying beginner C has been enjoyable in a way I'm finding it hard to explain to, say, my parents: "Yeah I spent all day doing what I could do in Java in 20 mins., but it was... satisfying"

Shout out to First Floor - my one stop shop for trying to stay somewhat up-to-date with written by a lovely and knowledgeable fellow called Shawn Reynaldo. I'm a big fan

"99% Invisible" - am I the only one who finds this characterisation of (itself a loaded word) servile and repressive?

Comfort-watched The Matrix last night. The costumes are great and so was all that beats-and-distorted-riffs alternative music! Actually it has me vaguely desiring to produce some banging tracks

I finished reading the Zhuangzi yesterday. That's three ancient wisdom texts since Chrimbo. Think I'll take a bit of a break haha

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A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of Google Chrome: those browsers will begin sorting their users into groups based on behavior, then sharing group labels with third-party trackers and advertisers around the web.

Having an absolute ball with this SDL tutorial. It's satisfying doing it in C rather than JS (though I fully acknowledge the amazing technology behind rendering games or 3D stuff in-browser)

It doesn't feel right to me that software should rot that fast. It's also hostile to anyone but full time devs who can afford to invest time keeping up with all the changes.

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