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Doing some SVG work today, what a lovely standard

Here I am playing one of my exercises (it takes me a couple of seconds to get in the zone)

Decorative faces on buildings are called "mascarons" - what a great word and tradition!

Okay... Twine is pretty cool, I admit. Working prototype in a couple of hours...

That said, I understand the impulse to hide gory details of from the innocent, which is what the default syntax, Harlowe, aims to do

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First impressions of Twine - it turns out there are two different incompatible syntaxes and I was reading a tutorial in the non-default syntax. Hmmm

Trying out a new platform today: Twine! I'm making a very quick sketch of a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure educational game idea

I made a list of my favourite writers, bloggers and oddballs on the internet, heavy on the countercultural vibes, oldschool game dev and general mind expansion... check it out if you're bored!

I've been reading Chinese wisdom texts a couple of verses at a time over breakfasts, since Christmas. This morning I finished the Daodejing; next up, the Zhuanghzi, which looks fun... butterflies dreaming they're humans and so on

Having a relaxing evening organising my softsynths in Reaper... ahhh

First batch of third species (four notes against one) harmonised from below. It's a mixed bag. I'm following the rules but only vaguely groping towards the balance which makes a melody listenable. Gonna stick with third species for a while

Audible improvement in this batch of third species exercises... I'm getting a feel for balancing leaps, even multiple leaps, against scale-wise movement (I guess that's the whole point, isn't it)

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Your ads are degrading! I dislike how amplifies anxieties with specific nags when the computer is unplugged or adult sites are accessed

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