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I'm messing around on NeoCities, should have something to show soon! What a pleasant platform

Warmup before workout - I love the rustling warm organic vibes off this EP, and of course the catastrophically deep . She's some producer

I'm glad the extremely warm, moist winter hasn't put the garden birds off their game, they seem delighted

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there's a couple of gorgeous blue tits that like to cavort on the cherry tree I see from my window - sometimes even on the telephone wire right outside

Six attempts at second species counterpoint on a melody by Johann Joseph Fux. I'll move onto a new melody tomorrow. I'm enjoying second species writing (two notes per note of the original melody)

Wow. Opinionated but well-backed up piece on the recent cultural/political history of engineering in India. Cool

Burning DVD archives of my old band's recordings... It's gonna take a while but theyre rated to last 50-100 years!

Haven't tried out my tablet yet but can say about Huion: 1. They make a damn cheap tablet and 2. They pack a damn nice box

One of the main things that puts me off producing is the in my right ear which is triggered by high volume sound, headphones, and bass tones :( Something I picked up from years of gigging. Always use protection!

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It's fat beat time. I always tend towards slower tempos. Sampling Smokey Smothers, The Soft Machine, Sly Dunbar, and Sly & The Family Stone

Half-Life's vents with killer fans blades - S1E7 'Ghost In The Machine'. Military-enforced cover-ups - many eps but memorably S2E1 'Little Green Men' and S3E2 'Paperclip'. Deus Ex's alien experiments spied on from a high window, and its entire naval base level - S3E9 'Nisei'

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Yes, there's already a Reddit thread about this, but until I started watching the X-Files recently for the first time I did not get how literally my fave late 90s shooters copied from the show

Yesterday's and today's counterpoint. I've fixed the audio volume, should be audible on phones now. I think I'm gonna move onto 2nd species counterpoint tomorrow!

Just watched The Void on my brother's recommendation... crazy cosmic horror plot points wrapped oddly neatly in screenwriting 101 act structure and motivations. Visuals and pacing kept me watching even without being too invested

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The energy consumption of Bitcoin exceeds that of the Netherlands (

Bitcoin is a crime against our habitat and thus a crime against humanity.

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