Just busted this on the park in some blazing sun. "Another Tree Spirit"

This one's copied from an anatomy book! Some warn against crosshatched shading (e.g. Mark Holmes in his great book), but I like it

@jayeless I found the feed on Twitter to be unrewarding, IIRC because among my musician/academic circle a kind of uptight,LinkedIn, professionalised vibe prevailed. Also the crowdsourced news function doesn't work too well for me, I get emotionally overloaded. My eccentric solution is to occasionally view the Twitter feeds of about 5 favoured individuals on the web, without logging in - that fills in those "I'm bored" moments

Wish I had more news to toot, but, y'know, I'm unemployed in a pandemic. Walks in the park, meals with my parents, sending out CVs, some sketching is the height of it.

exercises.... Three notes against one. I feel I've hit my stride with these, they're coming pretty easily. Next up, writing lines below the given line instead of above as I've done in all these.

Been trying fruit breakfasts for few days. Don't feel all that different except a bit lighter in the mornings (normally it's Shredded Wheat and toast for me) but one good thing is, breakfast now takes 20 mins at a relaxed pace

Counterpoint study's going well. I'm getting a grasp of second species (two notes against one). Maybe I'll try three notes against one, next!

@DavitMasia Whoa, lots of splashes of purple (which I like). The forest scene reminds me of Thomas Kinkade

Helping my mum with her new (obligatory) banking app. WHY are there hidden elements requiring scrolling in an app that needs to be usable by the elderly, disabled or visually impaired? What an abject failure, that this is the norm in

Two-voice harmonising exercises from the last few days. Nice to be in a minor key! Next exercise will be harmonising this melody from below instead of above. Made with

Can't beat that fresh-off-the-page flavour. heheh cheers @JohanEmpa !

My brother and I are doing a friendly competition to improve our knowledge of hands. Here's round 1:

This was fun to write :) Structural analysis of ten gorgeous songs from Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3 drumchant.wordpress.com/2021/0

The snap grid and the cells are drifting out of sync, plus the export has no options for dealing with wide tables. I'm thinking of trying it with and Grid and hosting it on my site.

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I have a challenge... trying to present analyses of JRPG soundtracks. My (perhaps eccentrically chosen) software, LibreOffice Calc, is not up to the task of accurately laying out or exporting what I want

@TheCanine Cute! A small issue comes to my mind: perhaps the busy 3px rhythm of the tufts of fur on the sides distracts from the simpler eyes?

More second species (two notes against one) exercises. Probably should try a minor key now.

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