@walfischbucht nice! And what a snappy, bouncy groove from the band!

Facebook ad 1: "Have we given the language of trauma too much power?"
Facebook ad 2: "Collective Trauma Summit 2022"

Been jotting down lots of melodies recently, and it seems that every time I check, I'm humming in the key of B. Well, all those sharps are good notation practice

When you think hard about a programming project, make some little tests, get it nicely conceptualised, then realise... you have other stuff you need to do

Bleurgh - just realised the MS Edge homepage on my work computer is set up to intersperse content from my work chat channels with news items. I hate blurring the boundary between work and non-work

Holy f! "Mad" Mike Banks (as the Martian) getting very funky... Detroit, 1995 m.youtube.com/watch?v=pTM4dmjE

Classic crapitalism... my travel insurance claim has been outsourced to an entity that auto-replies to every email with a warning about "experiencing high volumes" and admonishes me to include all my claim data with every email (I.e., do their job) - good thing it's only ten euro. The brand was Easytrip and the company I'm dealing with now are Mapfre.

Because I work remotely and we rarely turn on cameras, I think of my coworkers as tones and cadences of voice and characteristic rhythms and phrases

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"Lost Solace: Tourism, Social Media and Our Shifting Sense of Place in the North Highlands"
An article thoughtfully treating the issues of tourism and fragile areas.
Those followers who know Scotland and the Highlands may find this interesting.
I don't see this article as saying visitors are not welcome - they are very welcome. It's just acknowledging the sadness that an external reality is imposing.

Whoa, there's a decent DJ Premier interview in the weekend's Financial Times Life & Art section. He's not a great interviewee, frankly - he's always struck me as an awkward nerd who speaks in loud soundbites as a coping mechanism - but it's a nice homage nonetheless

Something kinda peaceful about deleting payees in the banking app... "I foresee no circumstance in which I will ever again give this person money"

@tfb One of the very few tunes I used to play at weddings without getting sick of

I bought and then forgot a €4 block of cheese at the supermarket today. For some reason, it stings more than just losing a €20 note (which happened to me a few weeks back).

I've been going out drawing around my city for the last two weeks. One nice side effect is the feeling when my eye unthinkingly falls on something I already drew a few days ago... a sense of attraction, recognition, meaning, satisfaction - what they call cathection, maybe

Google Street View seems to have switched off filtering for low resolution images (the first ones to load) so you see nice hard-edged pixels - the same aesthetic choice the Quake 1 modding community has made over the last decade. Aliasing is nicer!

It would be cool if you could tell Gerrit to diff against a file in another repo, to show the actual changes in the case when you've copied code from elsewhere

Was architecture's turn away from ornamentation partly to obscure wealth? As in, yes rococo scrolls everywhere can get annoying, but mostly because they scream money. So we got rid of the scrolls but not the inequality

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As part of a "standard" rooftop solar install in Ireland, one gets a hot water diverter to make use of surplus energy. So our hot water cylinder is usually hot these days at zero cost.

We had to get our bathroom re-done this year for accessibility reasons, but I pushed for a shower that could make maximal use of this free heat: immersion fed, no pressure pump, trigger-equipped showerhead. And I'm so much happier to take a shower now that it's not drawing 7-10kW and massive amounts of water. The trigger is really nice to use. Highly recommended.

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@wim_v12e @chorist
“Taking into account the carbon cost of both operation and production, computing would be responsible for 10 GtCO₂e by 2040, almost 80% of the acceptable CO₂ emissions budget”


Is it just me or is the blurb on Lipton's mint tea - "Perfect for a deliciously relaxing moment as the day draws on" - deeply melancholic?

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