Letting this tune soothe my walk home from the Friday night sesh .An r'n'b masterwork if you ask me, from Holland of all places m.youtube.com/watch?v=JrEBwroP

Been studying some beginner C (and loving it) but time to switch gear and revise Kotlin for an upcoming interview! Leaping forward about 40 years' worth of programming paradigms

Just had to assure my mother, who got some fever and nausea from her Covid vaccination, that it was impossible for her to "pass on Covid" to me because the vaccine doesn't contain the virus!

Beautiful observation on human limitation from the Zhuanghzi: "The greatest longevity man can reach is a hundred years; a medium longevity is eighty years; the lowest longevity is sixty. Take away sickness, pining, bereavement, mourning, anxieties, and calamities, the times when, in any of these, one can open his mouth and laugh, are only four or five days in a month."

Near Glencree, Wicklow, reconnecting with oak, birch, holly, gorse, red squirrels, and other woodland beings!

If I was still a muso I'd right now be studying this awesome deep dive into the forgotten chords of jazz songs' original sheet music - but as it is I'm just very glad people are putting this info out there :) ethaniverson.com/original-shee

Practical & helpful stuff from some wise women - I defo recommend this weekly show! shamanstv.com/

Let's hear it for... using productivity techniques (Python scripting) for utterly non-productive ends (modding a 25-year-old computer game)

I've decided it's time to move on to harder exercise, so from tomorrow I'll be doing fourth species counterpoint (notes held across the barline)! This video though is of my last six attempts at second species writing.

Just browsing quaddicted.com for the latest Quake 1 map releases... the rate of high-quality content that modders are creating 25 years after the game came out, is well higher than I can keep up with. I really appreciate their work

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My personal webpage is now statically generated and I'm a happy boy! I used Pelican and it was a pleasant experience. Check out the results kevinhiggins.dev

@jayeless @jayeless I find alt accounts (pseudonymous blogs in my case) to be a very welcome relief but they seem to come with a continuous low-key swirl of wondering "should I post here or there?" and "should I link these publicly now?". The joys of online identity formation I guess!

Though I'd never seen Minority Report (2002) before last night, I found its rhythms and its delineation of masculinity eerily (and drearily) familiar from the blockbusters I did see as a youth. Us noughties teens were fed some awful shite when you think about it

Made some progress at last with these harmony exercises - sounds like music. Gonna spend the rest of the month revising 3-notes-against-1, and then move on to fourth species in May!

My dev style: setting up with some difficulty, then turning off almost every feature so it looks like a dinky hand coded page

Spent a couple of hours banging my head off SSH access to my personal site (so I can upload the results of static site gen)... after autoblocking my own IP address half a dozen times with repeated failed logins, it turned out I had to ask my hoster to enable it

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