A final bunch of exercises. I've been composing one of these a day pretty solidly for six months, so gonna take a break. I want to try 3-voice writing, but I'm not sure if I should do that within the constraints of the 18th Century method I've been following so far...

Just got this! 1951 edition of Mircea Eliade's authoritative global survey of shamanic practice, first published 1910. Whoo boy!

More . Fourth species (whole notes offset by two beats) with the counterpoint above a dorian mode cantus firmus.

Went to the National Gallery in Dublin today with my dad. Saw this piece, Woman on the Terrace by Paul Signac. It reminded me in a vague, magical way of holidays in Croatia

My quest to organise my drum sample collection continues, this time with the help of some

Some cheeky LBMs (little brown ) I spotted poking up from my parents' patio. Does this mean that the mycelium extends all the way underneath the flagstones? Must do!

Devoting the morning to one of my most relaxing pastimes: naming drum samples.

recorded with OBS and , from the last few days. Fourth species counterpoint, so, every note in the harmony line is half a measure away from the notes in the original melody (AKA cantus firmus). The harmony line is above the original in these examples, but can equally be below.

Another li'l batch of exercises. This is fourth species, meaning, notes offset against each other by two beats.

Near Glencree, Wicklow, reconnecting with oak, birch, holly, gorse, red squirrels, and other woodland beings!

Let's hear it for... using productivity techniques (Python scripting) for utterly non-productive ends (modding a 25-year-old computer game)

I've decided it's time to move on to harder exercise, so from tomorrow I'll be doing fourth species counterpoint (notes held across the barline)! This video though is of my last six attempts at second species writing.

Made some progress at last with these harmony exercises - sounds like music. Gonna spend the rest of the month revising 3-notes-against-1, and then move on to fourth species in May!

Sorry Mother Nature - that's not a tree, it's a cyclic graph!

Another big pile o' third-species . I'm getting the hang of the various mannerisms used to arrive at a targeted note. And the last couple of attempts here are coherent right through. Repetition is both friend and enemy, it gives necessary structure, but if it happens by accident (say a recurring scalar descent) it sounds bad.

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