Here's some confusing in CentOS 7 . In a panel of power-saving options, we see "Wi-Fi: turn off Wi-Fi to save power". I interpreted this as a feature that drops connectivity when the computer is inactive, and clicked to turn it off. Actually the switch was for *Wi-Fi itself* and what sounded like a feature description was a hint.

We really go for health-and-safety in Ireland, compared to what I've seen of the UK and France anyway. Usually it's millions of traffic cones but tonight I spotted this traffic light guarding a totally silent and almost completely unobstructed cul de sac

I've always liked moirê and related phenomena. Here's a repeating pattern that popped out of some experiments with scaling an 8x8 1-bit tile

Saturday plans!

[Photo of art materials, laptop, blank paper laid out on the floor]

I haven't fixed the glitch, but now the buffer also displays in Linux using X11

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Playing with C and Win32... this is not what I was trying to do but it's pretty

An actual sand sculptor (in Dublin Castle)... this reminded me of the fraudulent sand sculptor who has plied his trade for many years on Grafton Street in Dublin, getting coins off tourists as he polishes up his sculpture of a dog... which he makes every morning from a plastic mould!

I gotta share this bit of promoting Dublin's hippest nightspot The Sugar Club, simply because they absolutely nailed the choice of that the record-collector-ghost figure is holding: that's Herbie Hancock's Headhunters (1973), the album that got me into
jazz as a teenager

All right, neat! Tonight's bit of C study was a tutorial to create a window with OS calls only

I made another soap carving. This one is free standing and is more 3d than my previous efforts. (It's the logo for Quake 1.)

Rendering to a window in Linux with C using X11... my evening's work/relaxation

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