Your ads are degrading! I dislike how amplifies anxieties with specific nags when the computer is unplugged or adult sites are accessed

A few bits of in triple meter. Not saying I've mastered this but it's the first of the month and I'm itching to move on to more complex exercises. So next time will be some "third species" four notes against one.

Just busted this on the park in some blazing sun. "Another Tree Spirit"

This one's copied from an anatomy book! Some warn against crosshatched shading (e.g. Mark Holmes in his great book), but I like it

exercises.... Three notes against one. I feel I've hit my stride with these, they're coming pretty easily. Next up, writing lines below the given line instead of above as I've done in all these.

Counterpoint study's going well. I'm getting a grasp of second species (two notes against one). Maybe I'll try three notes against one, next!

Two-voice harmonising exercises from the last few days. Nice to be in a minor key! Next exercise will be harmonising this melody from below instead of above. Made with

My brother and I are doing a friendly competition to improve our knowledge of hands. Here's round 1:

I have a challenge... trying to present analyses of JRPG soundtracks. My (perhaps eccentrically chosen) software, LibreOffice Calc, is not up to the task of accurately laying out or exporting what I want

More second species (two notes against one) exercises. Probably should try a minor key now.

Planning a sweet blog post analysing JRPG soundtracks... if you're into that kinda thing, stay tuned. Might take me a couple of evenings!

Hurrah! It tooka little while for stock to arrive, but I finally got a replacement fountain pen - loading ink now!

Abstract mountains study. i took this pen stroke from an M. C. Escher woodcut called 'Rome at Night'

There's clear improvement audible between my first and last attempt at harmonising this cantus firmus, but I'm not yet in control of my melodies. Having fun though - will keep doing this exercise using a new cantus firmus, starting tomorrow.

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