Everytime I come back to Madlib it hits me anew how good he is at... making fat beats youtube.com/watch?v=lw_lwEz_CS

Sigh... I always get unduly upset when I see the kids have broken another newly planted sapling in my suburb

I have never encountered a situation which I felt asked for a crying-with-laughter emoji. I wish there there were more options for subtler degrees of amusement. How about a "supportive eye crinkle" or "close mouthed chuckle"

An actual sand sculptor (in Dublin Castle)... this reminded me of the fraudulent sand sculptor who has plied his trade for many years on Grafton Street in Dublin, getting coins off tourists as he polishes up his sculpture of a dog... which he makes every morning from a plastic mould!

Ascending some stairs to street level in Dublin the other day I glimpsed my reflection in the panes of a corporate building across the way. First thought: "looks like my dad"

* buys a new pair of jeans and a hoodie * * wears them continuously for about a month *

So much Large Bindweed growing in my area this summer

I gotta share this bit of promoting Dublin's hippest nightspot The Sugar Club, simply because they absolutely nailed the choice of that the record-collector-ghost figure is holding: that's Herbie Hancock's Headhunters (1973), the album that got me into
jazz as a teenager

Advanced Renamer is a magnificent piece of software and although I haven't bought the license quite yet it's in my budget goddamnit advancedrenamer.com/about

An extremely direct and pointed piece about "class within race" in the US. "Harvard achieved its diversity goals by overrepresenting the Black middle- and upper- classes." currentaffairs.org/2021/07/who

Just went to the (outdoor) pub - my local, I guess - and found it weird how the conversation of the 60-year-olds overlapped with our own. They were all talking about self actualisation and job satisfaction and relationships.

if you eat a banana right after an apple or some raisons, the first bite tastes like cheap artificial banana flavour

All right, neat! Tonight's bit of C study was a tutorial to create a window with OS calls only

I made another soap carving. This one is free standing and is more 3d than my previous efforts. (It's the logo for Quake 1.)

Just waiting out the last minutes of my observation period after Pfizer jab. It was unexpectedly affecting being with 100 people my age, looking wholesome and summery. I felt a jolt of love for them

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