I got to go on a forest ramble today for the first time in maybe 6 months (lockdown easing) God it really cheered me

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Little fishies flashing silver as they flip from side to side

Sorry Mother Nature - that's not a tree, it's a cyclic graph!

Another big pile o' third-species . I'm getting the hang of the various mannerisms used to arrive at a targeted note. And the last couple of attempts here are coherent right through. Repetition is both friend and enemy, it gives necessary structure, but if it happens by accident (say a recurring scalar descent) it sounds bad.

Writing javadoc comments this morning... it's slow work

Now that I've had my going for a couple of months I... realise forcefully that I should sort out a content management system! gen like all the cool kids of course

Been listening to Mozart's G Minor String Quintet a lot... because I'm jazz-trained, a lot of playing strikes me as rushing the tempo - but I wonder are there any contemporary string groups that play with a more metronomic groove?

If I've time later I also may also play with this particle software rigzsoft.co.uk/timelinefx-part - I'm such, such a fan of gratuitously sensuous and fun tools

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Been on a down-to-earth, accepting vibe recently and it's involved returning to older projects instead of always striking out for new frontiers. Today I'm gonna try enhance an old I was prototyping last year

I was mentioning the alluring titles of Westerners' commentaries on Daoism - here's one that's available online cjfraser.net/publications/skep

Late spring has brought the return of dappled sunlight! Nice

Wow nice maths-for-coders piece. Now I have a practical idea how I'd code spline interpolation, unlike after reading the Wikipedia article! codeplea.com/introduction-to-s

More . Getting more adventurous, but large-scale coherency remains bloody elusive!

I saw a bullfinch in the park today! What a gorgeous little bird. Brick red underneath, jet black on top, with a grey band on the wings

Finally getting around to dual-booting . I've chosen

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