Hello, are you a member of a marginalized group? Do you want to learn some gun basics? I鈥檒l teach you if you want. Exchanges will be conducted via encrypted email only. If you live close enough, I鈥檒l pay for some range time too. I am not an expert by any means but I know a fair deal and I think I am a good teacher.

Please note that this offer isn鈥檛 open to cis/het white men, and also that detractive direct action (i.e. violence) isn鈥檛 the only way to revolt against the forces of oppression.


re: guns 

@Ethancdavenport I don't understand how DA could be "detractive" but get what you're saying and have agreed for many years, and I know it's necessary to say because of the ongoing glamorization or fetish or reification of armed struggle.

Web 1 0 0

re: guns 

@kete sabotaging oil pipelines, spiking old growth trees, and burning police stations are all what I鈥檇 consider detractive direct action: removing something shitty and harmful from the world. Generative action creates something helpful and beneficial, like food distribution or community education. These are not hard categories; creating an armed neighborhood patrol is a generative action, but that patrol taking out a local fascist is a detractive one. So it鈥檚 a little of both.

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