I'd like to argue that the fact that unemployment is at a historic low is actually bad because it means more people that wouldn't normally work (for any number of reasons) are being forced to get a shitty part-time job just to make up what they need to survive that the person they normally depend on can't bring in.

My cat likes to jump into my lap and demand belly rubs.

im flipping out . over the animal crossing switch. it's pastels..

fun linguistics fact: the phoneme /ɲ/, in spanish developed from the latin double n, and that's what the letter used to spell it, ñ, comes from: a scribal abbreviation where the second n was placed above the first, and then gradually abstracted into a squiggle. it's literally two n's in a trenchcoat and i think that's beautiful

Why can't I just use night light on a 4k display at 60hz? I can't even use nouveau. The desktop crashes when I try to log in and just brings me back to the login screen.

Well I've come to the conclusion that unless Ubuntu 20.04 has Wayland as default and the Nvidia proprietary drivers support it, I have to use Windows...

So, time for an I suppose?

I'm Keith, I'm a Creative Person™ doing mostly photography and 3D stuff. I also sometimes do woodworking, and other non-digital things.

I found out about Mastodon and was enamored with the concept of decentralized social media. Decided to make an account somewhere (here, apparently) and hopefully meet people.

I don't really know what I'm doing, to be honest, but I guess I'm here to figure it out.

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